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Cold or allergies?

September 21st, 2015 at 04:02 pm

The kids have been back just 2 weeks, and the stuffy nose has struck. It might be allergies, because it is that time of the year as well. Does anyone know how to tell the difference?

Over the weekend I mostly did homework and cooked a bit. I feel so much better now that I am all caught up with my classes. I think I will be devoting most of my weekends to homework from now on, but the feeling of being free during the week is priceless.

Of course, I had minimal spending with my "boring" weekend in the books. I picked up some snacks for my classroom from the dollar store and DW did our usual weekly grocery shopping.

I am eagerly awaiting payday. I only get paid once a month, 10 months a year. Plus I was an assistant last year so I took a big pay cut, this year I am back in my own classroom so I will have my regular salary.

Light spending week

September 18th, 2015 at 03:02 am

Busy weeks mean little spending! A few more checks have been made out to the girls' schools, should be done with those for a while. Using YNAB, I can calculate that between August and September I have spent $445.97 on school for the girls. That also includes jazz shoes for the youngest, but doesn't include school clothes. In the past I would have paid for all of those expenses out of my daily budget, gone over, and pulled from savings. This time around, though, I've been able to set some aside specifically for that expense, and when I went over I could take here and there from other categories. Never touched savings. So this program really has been helping me do better things with my money. Now that I have a more realistic look at my expenses, I am giving myself a bigger target amount to save up under "school expenses".

I have only gone to the gym a few times this week. I have been so worn out being back to work, I felt like I really needed to let myself rest those mornings. Those first few weeks back in a special education center are rough on the teachers, the students, and I'm sure the parents as well. I have come home with a full lunch bag three times this week, I haven't even had time to eat! As chaotic as it may feel to me, the kids are still learning, they are happy, and we are getting our routines down. It's only the second week.

As for my certificate coursework, I did some of the homework during the week but the majority of the work will be done on the weekends, I think. I'm not going out of town anytime soon, I can't afford the time away. But hey, that's less spending there, too!

Feeling better, it's Friday!

September 11th, 2015 at 03:18 am

Little by little we are getting the hang of things in the classroom. Our days are very busy, I can say that much.

I've also finished 2 weeks of my practicum already, 13 to go! I like my practicum supervisor, she is going to be a great resource to me. Already she's given me some great suggestions that I will implement to help run the class more smoothly.

This weekend I plan to stay close to home. We will take the kids to D.C. for a picnic in the park where we got married, so that should be free. Besides that, I plan to get to the gym a few times with my girls and do homework. I really need to stay on top of things, it's the only way I will make it through this semester.

This week has gone smoothly for my own kids, though they are looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!
I'm proud of them both for getting through the mornings independently. My oldest, the one with ADHD who just turned 16,was so easily distracted and a procrastinator. I always felt like I had to babysit her. Many mornings would end with both of us frustrated and one of us grounded from her phone. She's been much more responsible this week, it has been a very good start.

Day 2, I'm beat

September 9th, 2015 at 05:04 pm

Everywhere I turn is an energy suck. Ever have those days? One hour til bedtime!

On the financial side of things, at least I am able to move money around to cover all of the back to school expenses that continue to arise. I just move the money from some other part of my budget. Sigh.

Busy, but frugal week

September 4th, 2015 at 03:56 am

This was the week where everything started up again. I returned to the classroom to set up and prepare before the students return. My own children had orientation at two different schools. My graduate classes started as well, which meant an online class meeting, and two meetings with my practicum supervisor. One more day, and I will have made it through all of the obligations successfully!

14 weeks to go for my intensive practicum and coursework... what can I say, I'm an optimist!

Fortunately, being busy meant that I didn't have time to do much spending. I will have to order a few more textbooks online, which will hurt. I'm hoping I will be able to rent some of these.

The weather should be beautiful this weekend, which is a good thing, we have lots of fun planned! Most of it has been paid for already. I hope everyone has a great long weekend to refresh!