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Old hobby revisited

April 25th, 2016 at 06:04 pm

The girls and I spent this weekend at home, just relaxing. We walked to a local park to get some sunshine and extra steps, it felt great to be outdoors.

This weekend my youngest was asking to see the baby books. Shamefully, her book stopped at like 18 months! That is right around the time when our photos started going digital. I vow to get the scrapbook updated! I plan to take some step towards updating the scrapbooks every week. Yesterday I went through vacay pictures on my laptop for 2013 and 2014. I submitted my order to Walgreens online, and with a coupon, I was able to get at least 20 photos for $5. I gave the pictures to my daughter. Next weekend we will go to Michaels and pick out some themed paper and/or stickers so we can complete the pages for her book. Besides, scrapbooking can be very relaxing, and helps you keep your mind in the moment .

Calculating my short-term savings, I have enough to pay cash for one course this summer. However I still have several weeks before tuition is duie in full, so I can still round up enough cash to pay for my courses. I want to be finished with these puppies!

Fun weekend

April 17th, 2016 at 05:19 pm

We were blessed with some beautiful weather this weekend so I made sure we got out to enjoy it. On Saturday we went to a local state park with the dog and went on one of their wilderness trails. I loved the different elevations and peeks of water in the form of little streams and waterfalls. It was good for my brain to take in the different scenery.

Today I took my youngest to Georgetown Cupcake, from the TLC show. It was our first time there. We had to wait in a short line outside of the shop, so I'm glad we picked a nice day for it. This little trip cost $27 for a half dozen fancy cupcakes and some coffee drinks. Plus $11 for parking. Sigh. Still, we enjoyed it, and it was pretty much a "try it and done" sort of thing. I can't afford to go back just for the fun of it! In case you are wondering we enjoyed the cupcakes, and my daughter got a kick out of being there.

I let my oldest daughter sleep in since she got home late from her school trip to Nashville, she had a wonderful time. In the afternoon the kids and I went to the gym (yes, after eating cupcakes!), and then came back home to take the dog on a sunny walk. A nice day overall.

We all have a regular week ahead of us, with school and a few appointments afterschool here and there. I have an interview with an company Thursday for part-time summer employment, related to my post grad program. This could lead to a great job opportunity when I become board certified. It's nice to have options...

Time to catch up on everyone's blogs, have a great week!

April snapshot

April 7th, 2016 at 05:30 pm

I've reconciled my accounts for April thus far, and updated my sidebars. I'm finishing up my final two classes this summer. The courses are accelerated and I will be on summer vacation so I will have more time for the classwork. I will be working some, but only part time. Right now I'm saving up to cover the tuition that is due in mid-May, I don't want to take it out of my longer-term savings. I am looking forward to a time when I'm not cash-flowing tuition. Almost there!

Next week my oldest daughter heads out on her spring trip for her choral group to Nashville. I'm so excited for them, it should be an amazing time! She has some money set aside for spending, as I made the trip payments, with her help with some fundraising.

After classes are done I'm going to take a closer look at my income/savings/living expenses since I won't have to factor in tuition expenses. For the next year or so the living expenses are pretty much fixed (give or take little tweaks here and there). After my eldest graduates I will have more options on where I work and live.

Overall, I can't complain. My children are happy here and doing well in school. I have a job I love where I am making a difference in some lives. I like the people I spend time with daily. I'll figure the other stuff out as time goes on.

I'll try to get on with a more exciting update soon!