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Couldn't sleep, made cheese

March 6th, 2017 at 03:37 am

Sunday morning I was awake at 3:45 am and could not get back to sleep. I gave up and rolled with it. What I accomplished before 9:45 am:

-finished reading a book I started forever ago
-boiled eggs for deviled eggs
-switched up some decor in the living room/dining room with some Easter touches
-took out all the recycling
-took a 50 minute step class at the gym
-made fresh cheese!

I'm most proud of making the paneer, Indian cheese. It was quite simple, if messy. I accidentally bought one gallon of milk too many. I wasn't keen on the idea of freezing it, don't have the room anyway.Instead of making something delicious but not so good for me (rice pudding...), I looked up other recipes that required a lot of milk. The kids didn't like it plain, but they like paneer in Indian dishes so I will grab a curry or other sauce at the international market. If I don't eat it all by then. Good old google!

The rest of the day was spent with the girls. I was in zombie mode by 4pm and took a 30 minute nap to get through til bedtime.

We ate out one time this weekend, well, it was take-out. That gave us lunch the next day, plus we have one more lunch sized portion left. In all about $32.

Ready for the week, go Monday Smile