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Finally time for a monthly update

March 18th, 2016 at 09:22 pm

Where the heck has March gone?! I made it to Spring Break, so now I can catch up on my blog, housework, schoolwork, etc. And of course enjoy vacation next week!

The $300 bonus was deposited into my Bank of America checking account this week, this bonus was an incentive to open an account. This money will go towards my last few classes.

This week I also received a $75 gift card to Amazon. This was an incentive for joining our teachers' union. I join yearly anyway, so this was a nice bonus. I will probably use this gift card on presents.

I bumped up my monthly "longer term" savings an extra $100/month. I figured I would increase it now because I can, I can always drop it later on if I need to. This will just get me closer to my goals.

Tomorrow we will head to the mall. The kids have gift cards to use on Spring clothes for the trip. After shopping I will get cheesecake for everyone at the Cheesecake Factory because I have a gift card.

This week I will also finish updating my resume. I will not be "board eligible" until December, but I want to start networking now. I will be attending an annual convention next month and that will be a great place to meet potential employers.

I think that's it for the finance updates, I hope everyone on the board is doing well!

2 Responses to “Finally time for a monthly update”

  1. Rekhila Says:

    Your blog is very informative..you have explained about final time for monthly updates..Its more useful..Keep on updating

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I'm a bit envious of your getting a bonus for joining the teachers' union. We don't get squat and pay $757 yearly for dues.

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