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Feeling better after some cloudy days

December 4th, 2016 at 05:15 pm

This past week was tough for me. Some of it had to do with hormones around that time of the month, but I think some of it was also "post vacation" letdown. You know, when you return after a few great days of vacation, and you have a nice pile of work in front of you, at home, work, everywhere.

After I got home from work on Friday I was asleep by 8:30. Saturday I got some shopping done, and then took the girls out in town for a lighted boat parade. We didn't get a good view of the boats, but we enjoyed walking around in the evening, with every tree lit up and all of the beautiful window displays to admire. It was a different way to get some more steps!

Today I did some regular weekend chores, like grocery shopping. I took my youngest to the mall so she could find some new jeans. Then when we got back home the girls and I picked up the house and made dinner. I wrapped most of my gifts, and have 2 out of 3 boxes ready for the mail tomorrow. Now I'm able to relax on the couch and enjoy the Christmas lights in the house. So no homework today, but I needed to attend to all of those other things that were piling up. Not to mention I needed to get some fun time in with the kids.

I know that tomorrow will start a better week for me. I plan to wake up early, (haven't done that for a while) to fit my exercise in my day right away. Oh, speaking of exercise, I have worn my Fitbit the last few days. I was inspired by FrugalTexan!

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