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Saturday Shenanigans

January 28th, 2017 at 08:07 pm

Today seemed to fly by. I took one kid to the mall to watch a movie with her friends while my oldest babysat for neighbors. I then stopped at the bank to cash in our change in anticipation of our trip Monday. Grand total... $117.99. I stuck it in checking account to go towards expenses. I also earned $87.89 in credit card rewards, as well as saved $85.40 in my Bank of America "Keep the Change" program (well, that, plus an additional $20/month deposit to keep the account free). So total $290 in "snowflake" money. A hefty portion of that will be going towards parking. I've researched Uber, cabs, and metro. Our flight is too early for metro, and hiring Uber or cab will be at least as expensive as 4 days of economy parking. And I'm not asking a neighbor or coworker to drive us at 4am on a work day. So I'm setting the money aside now, should be $68. So still about $220 of "snowflake" vacation money.

After the bank I went home, worked on my resume, and took a brief 20 minute nap. Then I submitted my resume to 2 online career centers managed by the professional organization I belong to. I'm sure the resume can be tweaked some more, as this is a new kind of resume for me. But I figure when I update my credential status on my resume I can take another look at it.

After dinner I brought out my sewing machine and materials. I worked on some flannel burp cloths I am making for a coworker who is pregnant with twins, so excited for her. I think I have decided that sewing will be my new, fun hobby. There is something so satisfying about watching something come together right in front of your eyes... That said, I have very, very basic sewing skills. I learned from YouTube. So as I have more time down the road I may be able to take a class here or there.

My youngest joined me for a bit while sewing. She attempted to make socks for the dog. She got two of them done! Dog was not amused. She doesn't care for hats, or socks.

Tomorrow I will take the kids out for last minute shopping for snacks for the trip, clean out the fridge and pick up the house, and finish packing. I'll also be very diligent with keeping my carbs down tomorrow. The last few days I have not been watching anything, and my stomach is protesting. I certainly don't need digestive issues on our trip!

REally I need to just stop thinking about my diet and exercise so much, and just do what I need to do. Seriously, I know what I need to eat and not eat. I know that exercise classes make me feel amazing. But there is a part of my brain that wants to avoid discomfort and stick with the immediate gratification of eating junk and laying around. I operate best when I don't overthink things. I've said it before, when it comes to getting myself to do what I need to do, I like to go on autopilot, and not give myself a chance to talk myself out of anything.

My tax refund is pending and should arrive in our account Monday, perfect timing. It's already accounted for, but it is nice to have the cash in the account just the same.

That's all for now, just a peaceful day around the house.

5 Responses to “Saturday Shenanigans”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    It's a conundrum. What feels good -- eating junk and lying around -- is not actually good for the body. Of course, it doesn't feel good later, but it's so hard to get past the immediate gratification. Exercise and denial doesn't feel good in the execution, but has great rewards. Go figure!

  2. Laura S. Says:

    Have a good trip!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Enjoy your trip! I love sewing as a creative outlet. Did you see the two things I made earlier this week? I had links in my post. I took sewing in middle school and did projects at home as a child, but have had to rely on YouTube at times to remind me how to do some things.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Good planning on your trip!

    I agree...there is something very satisfying to creating something -- sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc. I had home ec. in high school and can do some basic sewing. Good for you to teach yourself!

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Enjoy your trip! I totally understand progressing better when you are on autopilot.. it's just making decisions and routines and realising you did it for a reason and just getting on with it. Questioning things and trying to find a way out just wastes time.

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