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Lovely day

May 8th, 2016 at 04:02 pm

Although my kids are getting older, I still cherish their ages and stages. Today I really enjoyed spending time with my children as young ladies!

Last night the girls were busy in the kitchen for hours, baking and cleaning up their messes. This morning I was served breakfast in bed, that the girls cooked, served and cleaned up all on their own. When I went downstairs I found a vase of tulips my daughters picked up from the store. Very thoughtful!

After breakfast the weather cleared up so we walked to the farmers market, our first visit of the season. I spent too much money, but it was for good stuff and it was so much fun watching the girls get all excited a bout the different foods. When we were walking home the oldest DD suggested a picnic, so we could make a lunch out of the goodies we purchased. So we gathered up a beach blanket, some drinks, and our dog on a very long leash, and had a picnic. On our front lawn! Empanadas, apples, chips and homemade cake pops that my youngest DD made last night.

We had a few hours to just relax around the house. I picked up pizza for dinner, and we all had a cherry cake that my oldest DD made last night.

DW is out of town for her niece's christening, but she left a sweet card and gift certificate for a spa. It was a nice gesture, we are taking little steps out of the dark pit we fell into.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day, and left me feeling very loved, and thankful for the time I get to enjoy with my girls!

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